Personal Supports

Trusted Healthcare Solutions provides Personal Supports Day (Live in-any ratios) and Personal Supports Quarterly Hour.

This service is provided in support of a goal included the support plan or an identified need to support or maintain basic health and safety and is not purely diversional in nature.

Personal Supports services provide assistance and training to the person in activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals. When specified in the support plan, this service can also include heavy household chores to make the home safer.

This service can provide access to community-based activities that cannot be provided by natural or unpaid community supports and are likely to result in an increased ability to access community resources without paid support.

Personal Supports are designed to encourage community integration. Personal Supports in supported living are also designated to teach the person about home-related responsibilities.

This service can also include respite services to a person age 21 years or older living in their family home. Respite services provide relief to the caregiver.

IBudget Effective Date: September 2015 (2-40)