Life Skills Development Level 2- Supported Employment Coaching

Supported employment services provide training and assistance to help support individuals in job development and sustaining paid employment at or above minimum wage unless the person is operating a small business.

This service can be performed on a full or part-time basis and at a level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by trained non-disabled persons. The provider assists with acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to accessing and maintaining employment, or developing and operating a small business.

With the assistance of the provider, the person receives help securing employment according to the person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, supports needed, desired goals, and planned outcomes. This service is conducted in a variety of settings, including work sites.

LSD 2 should include assisting a person to learn job tasks needed to be employed, and the person should be included in all aspects of job development, interviewing, and job seeking activities.

iBudget Handbook Effective Date: 9/3/15, 7/10/17 (2-15)