Employment Opportunities

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Must be 18 years old or above
Must be legal to work in the USA (Form1-9)
Must be willing to be hired as Independent Contractor (W9)
Successful Clearance of Level 2 Background Screening
Copy of local law (County Background Screening)
Signed and notarized: Affidavit of Good Moral Character
Copy of DL
Copy of SS Card
Copy of car insurance
Copy of car registration
Copy of HS Transcripts/Diploma
Resume (if applicable)
CNA (If applicable)
Home Health Aide Certification (If applicable)
Reference Letters (work related, at least a year of experience in child care, psychiatric, medical, nursing settings and experience to working with people with disability)
Complete Application Form

Required Basic Training General Information


All direct care staff members of all providers must complete the following online courses:
The courses with a Course ID Number are available in TRAIN Florida. To view the course details and register for a TRAIN Florida course, click on the course name, or course ID number.
* Requirements for all Waiver Providers – Click here
* Direct Care Core Competencies Training: – Course ID No.: 1060050 – Click here.
* HIPAA Basics– Course ID No.: 1071336 – Click here.
* Zero Tolerance Training – Course ID No.: 1058718 – Click here.
You must have a TRAIN Florida learner account to register for a course. Please sign up by Clicking here.

Required Service-Specific Training General Information
The courses in this section are required for providers of specific services.
* Medication Administration – Both components of this training (Medication Administration and Medication Validation) must be completed to assist with or administer medications. This course is only available from trainers approved by APD’s State Office. Please call Nicole Brown RN there will be a training coming up in March 31st for Medication validation training.

* HIV/AIDS/Infection Control – Required by Section 381.0035, Florida Statutes. Is also at TRAIN Florida under HIV News 101.

* CPR – Required by the waiver handbook and Florida Administrative Code. Clara Brooks is a trainer certified by the American Safety & Health Institute her number is 941 545 2371 she charged $50 for both first aid and CPR.

* First Aid – Required by the waiver handbook and Florida Administrative Code. APD does not currently offer this course in a classroom setting but recommends taking this from a trainer certified by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or American Safety & Health Institute.

* Incident Reporting. Must be familiar with APD Operating Procedure. Please read the Incident Reporting for Clients Living in the Community. The administrator will discuss this topic and must be completed the assessment (that will be given by an Administrator) based on the link Incident report form instructions. Forms for the proper reporting and documentation of incidents Incident Reporting Form, Incident Reporting Form Instructions


• Zero Tolerance –Must be done prior to service
• Medication Administration – Must be done prior to service
• CPR/FIRST AID- within 30 days of hire
• HIPPA within 30 days of hire
• Direct Care Core Competency- Must be done within 90 days of hire
• HIV & AIDS-–Must be done within 90 days of hire
• Service, Standards and Expectations (within 90 days of hire, Training provided by Agency Admin)
• Required Documentations (within 90 days of hire, Training provided by Agency Admin)
• Incident Reporting (within 90 days of hire, Training provided by Agency Admin)
• Yearly-In Service Training-8HRS annually